Actress claims that making love is part of who Douglas is (in his 70s) and mutual consent is the main rule for him.

Catherine Zeta-Jones has spoken publicly about sexual harassment allegations against husband and iconic actor Michael Douglas. She also did not miss the opportunity to say how “good of a husband Michael is.”

Asked whether she supported Douglas’s move to preemptively deny allegations against himself, Zeta-Jones said on The View: “He had to come out preemptively because of what he believes in.”

“I support this movement – Time’s Up, MeToo  – 110 per cent, always have,” she continued. “Michael came out with that preemptive statement. He was articulate, said it from the heart. It was honest, open and transparent. He was like that the way we met, and he remained the same ever since.”

“He now has to take the next step for where he goes from here. It’s a question for him, because. It happened 30 years ago. It was BC – before Catherine.”

“He is 73 and our intimate part of the life is not slowing down with age. Judging how Michael is passionate about love, there is no doubt that he can be very expressive about his feelings and desires. But nothing more. If I don’t like what he’s saying about the spicy stuff, Michael shuts up. It has been ever since we’ve met. He even spent 9 months courting me before we  kissed for the first time! Is this a kind of a man that you would accuse of sexual harassment?”

Zeta-Jones was then asked about working on the Harvey Weinstein-produced movie Chicago, saying she had not personally experienced any harassment.

Douglas has been publicly accused of sexual misconduct by former employee, Susan Braudy, who was in charge of the New York headquarters of his production company.

Braudy claims the indiscretions started with uncomfortable sexual discussions with Douglas, leading to one alleged incident where the actor appeared to unzip his pants and start “rubbing his private parts”. She says she ran away from Douglas, but was later allegedly asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Douglas denied the claims before the story was reported, calling the allegations “a complete lie”.

“Coarse language or overheard private conversations with my friends that may have troubled her are a far cry from harassment,” Douglas stated. “Suggesting so does a true disservice to those who have actually endured sexual harassment and intimidation.”

He added, “Maybe she is disgruntled her career didn’t go the way she hoped and she is holding this grudge.”

Various Hollywood figures – most infamously Harvey Weinstein – have over the past few months been accused of numerous sexual assault allegations. Women and men in Hollywood have banded together to stand against those perpetrating such behaviour under the #MeToo and Time’s Up banners. The Time’s Up legal defence fund was set up by women in the entertainment industry to provide support to victims of sexual harassment at work and has raised more than $16m (£12m) so far.


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