Facebook encourages text statuses with new colored backgrounds

Facebook’s core attraction isn’t news articles you could find anywhere, it’s intimate posts from your real friends. That explains why Facebook is trying to make highly personal text statuses as eye-catching as photos with the new test of a colored background option. The feature lets users select a color that appears behind their text...

Ironic quotes from executives who incorrectly predicted the failure of upstarts

From the CEO of Palm predicting that Apple would fail at making phones to IBM's chairman predicting that Walmart would crush Amazon, the history of technological upheaval is littered with the ironic dismissals of establishment executives predicting it would all amount to nothing. There's a couple factors at work here. The first is survivor...

Twitter suspends account lobbying against black deaths in police custody

Protesters hold an Aboriginal flag at Parliament House on October 23, 2014, while demanding an independent inquest into the death of 22-year-old Yamatji woman, Julieka Dhu. Ms Dhu died on August 4, 2014, in a police lock-up in Hedland, Western Australia. The family of Julieka Dhu, an Indigenous Australian woman who died in police...

Forget Spectacles, group messaging is Snapchat’s most important launch in 2016

There was neither fanfare nor pizzazz, but yesterday Snap — the company formerly know as Snapchat — quietly shipped a new feature that could dent other messaging apps and obstruct upcoming social startups. The feature was group messaging for up to 16 people. It’s an obvious part of any chat app but something that...

Wall Street wants algorithms that trade based on Trump’s tweets

President elect Donald Trump's ability to move the stock market with a tweet became readily apparent yesterday after an early morning tweet about Lockheed Martin's F-35 fighter jet program caused the company to lose $4 billion in market value. While that's a major loss for the company, it actually presents an opportunity for traders...

It’s not you, it’s the post-seed gap

How to join the network Record numbers of startups are failing to advance from their seed round to Series A. This glitch in the funding ecosystem is older than you may realize. Between 2009 and 2012, if 100 startups raised seed money, an average of just about 30 would secure a Series A, according...

Tech workers unite against a potential US Muslim registry

Employees from large organizations across the technology industry have pledged to never help build a government database targeting individuals by race, religion or national origin, in response to extreme immigration proposals from US President-elect Donald Trump. The signatories come from companies including Google, IBM, Twitter, Mozilla and NVIDIA, though they don't represent the organizations...

Trump could convert government news agencies to propaganda machines

One more thing President-elect Trump will inherit when he takes office next month: a large, state-run media operation with little or no impartial oversight. As the Washington Post's editorial board wrote this weekend, the United States' official external news sources Voice of America, Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty and others are about to lose...

Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t mad that Donald Trump is still a on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

Image: mashable composite A few days ago, new Celebrity Apprentice boss and executive producer Arnold Schwarzenegger was front and center at a press conference to hype the show’s Jan. 2 premiere date. Executive producer Mark Burnett was allegedly on site, but didn't appear with the cast members, or on the red carpet following the...

DARPA wants your gaming tactics for its drone army

Urban areas continue to vex the US military as tall buildings and narrow streets keep impeding troop communications and tactics. While ground soldiers have used single drones for years, DARPA believes that a whole swarm could mitigate those disadvantages, giving units more eyes and guns. Since the military is currently unable to control such...


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