Karhoo rides again: Nissan/Renault buys failed on-demand ride startup

So much for more consolidation in the world of on-demand transportation startups. TechCrunch has learned and confirmed that Karhoo — a failed on-demand offering that aggregated drivers and ride options from hundreds of existing fleets of car services in an Uber-like app — has been brought out of administration. It will be relaunched by...

Microsoft expands its experimental projects program The Garage to Cambridge, India & China

The Garage – Microsoft’s home to experimental projects like smart news apps, Android launchers, productivity add-ons, smartphone keyboards, and yes – even that app that tells you what sort of dog you look like – is expanding to three new locations including Cambridge, Massachusetts, India and China. In total, there are seven Garage locations...

Frank Sinatra to George Michael on coping with fame: “Swing, man”

After he became a global phenomenon, George Michael considered retirement to get away from the demands of fame, telling the L.A. Times' Calendar magazine that he planned to reduce the strain of his celebrity status. One Frank Sinatra wrote in, exhorting him to continue cultivating his talent... September 9, 1990 Dear Friends,...

Grandma’s wrong number Thanksgiving invitation ends in the best way possible

The heartwarming tale of a grandma texting a Thanksgiving invitation to the wrong number just got a perfect ending. After 17-year-old Jamal Hinton from Phoenix, Arizona, received a text message inviting him to Thanksgiving dinner from an unknown number claiming to be his grandma, he asked for photographic proof from the woman. Once Hinton...

Adobe makes big bets on AI and the public cloud

Adobe held its annual MAX conference for users of its Creative Suite earlier this month. That’s where the company usually announces new and upcoming features to applications like Photoshop or Premiere Pro. This year, however, Adobe also introduced Sensei, its new artificial intelligence- and machine learning-based platform that combines Adobe’s knowledge of working with...

Wall Street wants algorithms that trade based on Trump’s tweets

President elect Donald Trump's ability to move the stock market with a tweet became readily apparent yesterday after an early morning tweet about Lockheed Martin's F-35 fighter jet program caused the company to lose $4 billion in market value. While that's a major loss for the company, it actually presents an opportunity for traders...

It’s hard to find science-backed mental health apps, and that’s a problem

We share some of our most intimate data with mental health apps, but there's surprisingly little proof of what they give us in return. Many medical experts are starting to find problematic the lack of clear science backing up apps that promise to help with everything from low mood to depression. Bruce Bolam, program...

Trump could convert government news agencies to propaganda machines

One more thing President-elect Trump will inherit when he takes office next month: a large, state-run media operation with little or no impartial oversight. As the Washington Post's editorial board wrote this weekend, the United States' official external news sources Voice of America, Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty and others are about to lose...

GoodLands partners with ESRI to launch the Catholic Geographic System

Religion and technology are not two phrases that often go hand in hand. Molly Burhans is looking to change that. Growing up Catholic in upstate New York, Burhans had the intention of becoming a nun. However, after studying landscape and ecological design in graduate school, she discovered a different calling. In her coursework, Burhans...

Tech workers unite against a potential US Muslim registry

Employees from large organizations across the technology industry have pledged to never help build a government database targeting individuals by race, religion or national origin, in response to extreme immigration proposals from US President-elect Donald Trump. The signatories come from companies including Google, IBM, Twitter, Mozilla and NVIDIA, though they don't represent the organizations...


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