Britain’s mobile phone signal scandal: 525 black spots and foreign visitors get better coverage

Millions of Brits cannot get proper signal at home British mobile phone signal is so poor that foreign visitors often enjoy better coverage than local people - despite billions of pounds being invested in improving communication networks. A report by MPs reveals mobile phone coverage in Britain has not improved significantly since 2014, when...

Constant restructuring of NHS is demoralising staff, survey finds

The number of NHS reorganisations in recent years is a key reason for the health service’s struggle to retain staff, a poll has found. The NHS has been struggling to meet rising demand with a chronic shortage of staff and the results of a survey, published on Friday, suggest that a feeling of constant...

Metal Price Collapse And China Exodus Push Mongolia To A Risky Economic Brink

Once upon a time Mongolia was happening. Mining firms from Australia, China, Russia and North America were digging up the vast country for the likes of gold and copper. People had jobs and money to spend. Then in 2014 foreign investment began to fall along with a global decline in . China’s step back...

Half-Price Boutique Barbados and More Cyber Monday Luxe Travel Deals

Didn’t book the vacation of your dreams on Black Friday? Never fear — more deals are rolling out for Cyber Monday. Here are just a few, from half-off in Barbados to beat-the-clock pricing in Boston. Up to 50 percent off at The House, Barbados Exclusive beach house feel for 50 percent off at The...

Dogs are the best. These 9 hilarious comics remind us why.

If you have a dog, you already know about the limitless source of joy they can bring. Dogs are so much more than four-legged animals living in our house. They're also our family. They're our best friends. We can count on them to provide us with the best kind of unconditional love. And...

Apple, Salesforce, Google Among Top 25 Companies For Women, As Voted By Female Employees

Photo: AP Photo/Ben Margot Women were reporting election-related anxiety and post-traumatic stress flare-ups even before Donald Trump won the presidency. Now that he’s President-Elect, many women’s fears of losing fundamental rights are compounded by the realization that the gender equality agenda touted by Hillary Clinton will have to wait at least four more years....

Ex-Tampa Bay Rays minor leaguer gets year-long sentence for smuggling heroin at Kennedy Airport

Leandro Joel Caminero, 27, was caught at Kennedy Airport last April after arriving from the Dominican Republic with 50 pellets of heroin in his belly. A down-on-his luck ex-Tampa Bay Rays minor league baseball player was sentenced Tuesday to a year plus one day in prison Tuesday for trying to smuggle heroin into the...

Claire Ptak’s recipes for pumpkin maple bundt cake and butternut squash caramel

Pumpkin maple bundt cake: Cooked and pureed, pumpkin or squash adds a lovely moisture to cakes Photograph: Kristin Perers for the Guardian For the past two months, California has been brimming with pumpkins. From country lanes to freeways, the agricultural fields that surround us are dotted with orange. The occasional scarecrow flaps crookedly...

Why Boards Must Step Up To Deter Corporate Scandals

This month brought more fallout from the Wells Fargo consumer banking fraud, as the company fired three regional managers in its continuing efforts to deal with lawsuits from former workers, customers and investors, and ongoing investigations from the Department of Justice and other regulatory agencies. Wells Fargo also recently stripped CEO Tim Sloan and...

IMF ratchets up UK economic growth forecast to 2%

The International Monetary Fund has revised up its UK growth forecast for the second time in three months after admitting that the performance of the economy since the Brexit vote last year had been stronger than expected. In its half-yearly World Economic Outlook, the IMF said it now envisaged the British economy expanding by...


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