eMotorWorks offers new solution for peer-to-peer car charging

Video screen capture eMotorWerks I've written before about paid peer-to-peer charging sites like Chargie in the UK, and also about the less formal practice of simply offering your charging station up for free public use. But eMotorWerks—makers of the wifi enabled "smart" charging station known as JuiceBox—have just announced a new initiative that may...

Vídeo del coche eléctrico de Lucid Air alcanzando casi 380 km/h sin inmutarse

Sin limitación electrónica de velocidad el prototipo Lucid Air Alpha de Lucid Motors alcanza en circuito los 378 km/h, para sorpresa de propios y extraños. Tal y como se puede ver en el vídeo el vehículo sobrepasa los 320 km/h sin despeinarse —apenas se perciben vibraciones y el murmullo del motor eléctrico y del...

Khloé Kardashian Receives All Kinds Of Love On Her Birthday Thanks To The NUMEROUS Social Media Shout Outs From Her Famous Fam!

KarJenners wish Khloe a happy birthday online KarJenners wish Khloe a happy birthday online KarJenners wish Khloe a happy birthday online KarJenners wish Khloe a happy birthday online Today is Khloé Kardashian's birthday, so you know what THAT means… her entire fam has flocked to the internet to wish her...

Your little iPhone has a 75 pound footprint

Screen capture The One Device The iPhone has been called the greatest invention of this century. Except as we learn from Brian Merchant in his new book, The One Device: The Secret History of the iPhone, it really wasn’t a new invention at all, but a clever assembly of stuff that had been...

It’s open season on open space

CC BY 2.0 New Jersey's Rahway River Park, The Cultural Landscape Foundation In Union County, New Jersey, the Olmsted brothers (sons of Frederick Law Olmsted of Central Park fame) designed a 124-acre park for a county that "sought to make provisions for open spaces and to protect the Rahway River, the key potable water...

Twitter Reacts To Donald Trump Pulling The Republican Healthcare Bill!

Oh, blessed day! As we reported, Donald Trump and Paul Ryan pulled the plug on the controversial Republican healthcare bill just moments before it was scheduled to be put to a vote on Friday. You know how The Donald hates to lose! Back to the drawing board, Drumpster! Of course, Twitter had plenty to...

Police Say Violent Death of Muslim Teen Will Be Investigated as Road Rage Incident, Not Hate Crime

Image via LaunchGood. In an announcement Monday, Fairfax County Police stated that the death of Nabra Hassanen—the teen who was violently beaten by a driver as she and her friends were walking early Sunday morning—will be investigated as a road rage incident and not a hate crime. Darwin Martinez Torres, 22, has been charged...

Unsolved Mysteries Is Now Streaming On Amazon Prime, In Case You’d Like to Have Nightmares Tonight

Image via screengrab. While scrolling through the overwhelming tapestry of mostly unrecognizable cover art on Amazon Video last night, my eyes came to a stop at a row containing nothing but images of Robert Stack. “Wait a second,” I thought. “Could this really be happening?” After taking a few moments to confirm, I learned...

Taking the crazy out of Coco

When I launched the redesign of this site I alluded to a slew of changes going in my life, a revamped brand that is easier on the eyes just one among many. A ton of change. Bunches of it. A move across town? Sure. A completely rearranged schedule? Yep. New combination of meds? Why...

Like the Fashion, Only Some of the Shade Landed At the Met Gala

Though I love my job as the overseer of this high and judicious court, I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been considering a career change. I’ve been playing with the idea of swapping out this seat for one in another court. A court with a jurisdiction over, say, a few members of...


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