A spat at Peter Luger Steak House in Brooklyn ended with one woman biting another.

Sunday’s scrap at the iconic Peter Luger Steak House in Brooklyn — which ended with one woman biting another — began with a confrontation over Venezuelan political repression.

The afternoon dust-up at the Williamsburg restaurant started when two protesters button-holed Rafael Ramirez, Venezuela’s ambassador to the United Nations, officials said Wednesday.

The protesters called Ramirez a “murderer,” and charged that 90 Venezuelans have died at the hands of President Nicolas Maduro’s government in protests over the past three months.

During the brouhaha, a female protester chomped on the right forearm of a 50-year-old woman with Ramirez.

Medics treated the victim at the scene. No arrests have been made, cops said.

On his Twitter page, Ramirez identified the protesters as Gabriel Manzano and Tatiana Low.

“(They) attacked my family,” he wrote on Sunday. “They hid behind a child.”

Ramirez is a confidante of former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who founded the country’s nationalized natural gas company.

One of the protesters chomped down on the arm of a woman who was at the restaurant with Rafael Ramirez (pictured), Venezuela’s ambassador to the United Nations.

The 4:10 p.m. incident at the restaurant on Broadway, near Driggs Ave., is the latest in a campaign to shame current and former Venezuelan government officials.

In a video posted on social media, a woman is heard saying, “We’re calling the police. They’re going to get you arrested because he’s a diplomat!”

Similar confrontations — minus the biting — have involved former Public Banking Minister Eugenio Vásquez Orellana in Miami, former Minister of Communication and Information Maripili Hernandez in Spain and the daughter of Mayor Jorge Rodriguez, Lucia Rodriguez in Australia, El Nuevo Herald reported.

The 1998 Miss Universe, Veruzhka Ramírez, and former Chavez military commander Carlos Maximo Aniasi Turchio have also been targeted.

The tension over poverty and repression in Venezuela has been growing in recent months over food and medical shortages and massive inflation.

On Tuesday, Detroit Tigers star Miguel Cabrera posted on Instagram that he was tired of paying to protect his mother.

“I am tired of hearing that they are going to kidnap my mother and I don’t know whether it is a policeman or a bad guy,” he said. “All I know is if I don’t pay, those people disappear.”