Formed out of their mutual admiration for the love of the same music style, Zipper Club is a trio of musicians with two members who were previously involved in their own music endeavors; Mason James of Cerebral Ballsy, Lissie Trullie of Lissie Trullie and Damar Davis on drums. The trio’s first single, “Going The Distance" was the number one most added at alternative radio which secured incredible tour dates with Tears For Fears and The Sounds. In addition, the band has received major press attention from NYLON, i-D, W Magazine, Galore and more.

Zipper Club really knows how to bring a nostalgic sound mixed with their added elements to bring a hit to fans and audiences everywhere. We chatted with all three members after their fun set at Shaky Knees Festival in Atlanta about themes for their latest album, working with James Iha (who produced their forthcoming album) and more.

AXS: Did you guys have any themes in mind while making this album?

Mason James: These are kind of choice ones – they’re samplings of the albums, they’re definitely bits and pieces of what we like best about the record. We’re sharing it all.

AXS: We saw some of your set, and we LOVE the New Wave sound!

MJ: Nice!

AXS: You guys worked with James Iha, and you guys have been very positive about working with him. Were there any times that it was difficult to work with him because he is so quiet?

MJ: Here’s a little tidbit about James Iha that you don’t know is Iha can track vocals better than any other man while watching MLB Baseball. So, the only way he can track vocals is when he’s watching Major League Baseball (laughs).

Lissie Trullie: That’s why he’s so quiet; he’s actually listening.

AXS: How did the collaboration come together?

MJ: I met James working on another project in Brooklyn (SoHo). Lissie actually lived next to him (for 10 years). So, we have this weird-like New York connection, and we have this same circle of the same people. We had a record store day single released, and we had a writing session, and it was an instant click. He’s (James) super soft-spoken, but every time he would speak, it would be so poignant, whether it was three words, those words would make you laugh hysterically. From that experience, we got 90s guitar, 80s synth, and what we love to as a band is pick and choose what’s been done in the past, build on it, and make it 2017 or 2019.

AXS: So you guys have a full album with five songs…do you plan on releasing it soon?

MJ: (sarcastically speaking) No, we’re just going to keep it….we’re always writing music, and always bringing ideas. We’re trying to curate how we’re going to release our record, and so that’s what we’re doing. We’re leading you guys on. We’re flirts and teases.

AXS: This is your first time at Shaky Knees…how do you like it so far?

MJ: I love it!

LT: It’s nice being back here. I spent summers here because my Dad taught Emory.

AXS: What’s next when you guys release the album?

MJ: Who knows? We might release a double album…

AXS: MJ’s the jokester of the group!

LT: You gotta have one! He’s hilarious!

MJ: Here’s what I will tell you. Our 7-inch vinyl that we just released is scented.

AXS: Was that your idea Mason?

MJ: No, it wasn’t.

LT: It was kind of like out there, and lavender was one of the choices. We’re very scratch-and-sniff.

Keep an eye out for Zipper Club’s tour in a city near you here.