Rastogi had recorded a six-minute long video on May 17 last year. (Representation photo)

An Indian-origin CEO of a start-up company in the US, accused of beating his wife for several years, may serve less than a month in jail after being offered a plea deal, a US media report has said. Last week, 38-year old Abhishek Gattani, 38, who has been accused of beating his wife Neha Rastogi was offered a plea deal in the Santa Clara Superior Court, California, that is likely to offer him to serve less than a month in jail, The Daily Beast reported.

Rastogi had recorded a six-minute long video on May 17 last year, in which one could hear sounds of beating and that too in presence of their little daughter. After his wife approached the police, Abhishek Gattani pleaded ‘no contest’. The charge against him was reduced from felony assault to felony accessory, the report had said further.

Calling the plea deal a fair outcome, Prosecutor Assistant District Attorney Steve Fein said that accessory after the fact is also a felony, even though not a tougher one which would put Gattani in risk of being deported to India.

He further said that Rastogi did not object when she was provided details of the deal. However, Rastogi objected after being told about teh term of prison announced for Gattani.

In 2013, the CEO had been charged with felony assault, which was later changed to a lesser crime after Rastogi told the court that it may destroy Gattani’s career and make him return to his country.

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Meanwhile, another Indian-American CEO Himanshu Bhatia has been ordered to pay a hefty amount of $135,000 to her ex-domestic worker from India after an investigation by the US Labour Department found her guilty of underpaying the employee and mistreating her.

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