A disappointed Team USA wears their silver medals, following a 3-2 loss in overtime to Canada in the women’s hockey gold medal game at the Sochi Olympics on Feb. 21, 2014. (Chuck Myers / McClatchy-Tribune)

The sides are digging in in the battle between the U.S. women’s national hockey team and USA Hockey and another salvo was fired Thursday.

Team USA announced Wednesday that it will boycott the upcoming International Ice Hockey Federation World Championship unless it receives what it considers fair wages and equitable support from the organization.

USA Hockey responded later in the day with a statement that, in part, read, "USA Hockey remains committed to continuing dialogue and will field a competitive team for the upcoming 2017 IIHF Women’s World Championship in Plymouth, Michigan."

On Thursday, Team USA issued another statement saying that it has learned USA Hockey is seeking a replacement team to participate in the tournament that is scheduled to begin March 31 in Plymouth, Mich. The U.S. is the defending champion.

"We have heard that USA Hockey is attempting to field an alternative team to play in the World Championship games," the Team USA statement read.

"We regret that they have not instead chosen to reconsider their treatment of the current World Championship-winning team. We stand by our original position: that it is time USA Hockey supported its programs for women and girls at the level it provides to boys and men. And we are grateful for the support we’ve received from across the world for our stance on this subject."

A source said that USA Hockey has asked Team USA players to notify it by 4 p.m. Central if they will play in the World Championship.

Team USA said it wants equitable support from USA Hockey, along the lines of what is given to the men’s program.

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