Christmas miracles do come true!!!

Most Christmas tree salesmen have a lot riding on every holiday season, but Kim DeGagne‘s seasonal business was even more important this year.

That’s because the Calgary native was diagnosed with incurable multiple myeloma in 2013 and has been dreaming of taking one last romantic vacation with his wife to Hawaii ever since.

Well, thanks to a boost of attention from local press… that dream is much closer to a reality!!

On Saturday night, DeGagne sold out of his ENTIRE stock of trees from his McKenzie Towne lot — a whole month ahead of schedule!

The Canadian explained how his incurable blood and bone cancer gave him extra motivation to sell enough trees to afford one final dream getaway with his wife, telling The Calgary Eyeopener:

"Usually, the man likes to be strong and support and do stuff for his wife and I haven’t been able to that and this would allow me to do something."


DeGagne has been selling Christmas trees in the same lot for the past 11 years, but this season has blessed him with "an amazing amount of traffic." He added:

"I’ve been selling an average of 20 trees a night during the week. Last year I sold an average of seven."


Unfortunately, DeGagne can’t travel for another six to eight months because of restrictions due to his chemotherapy treatments and a pending stem cell transplant…

But that’s he’s not about to let that hold him back!

"But we’re going to go. I’ve never been there. I believe it’s very romantic, and my wife and I love each other to death. I just think it would be pretty special for the two of us."

What a heartwarming story!

It doesn’t sound like anyone deserves a vacation more than this hard-working man and his loving wife.

We hope you enjoy Hawaii, Kim!