Well, not necessarily me. There is a program that is more disruptive than a Silicon Valley incubator and more life-changing than Burning Man. It’s called Haymakers For Hope, and here’s what it empowers you to do:

  • Raise thousands to eradicate cancer
  • Reach peak physical condition
  • Learn how to throw a punch
  • Learn how to take a punch
  • Fight to the death (figuratively) in front of 1,500 family and friends
  • Earn an official US Amateur boxing card

All of that in four months. Haymakers for Hope is the highest impact program you can ever participate in.

Three years ago, I entered the program a man with many ideas but little focus. A man who started far more things than he finished. A man who feared succeeding almost as much as a he feared losing.

Today, I’m an undefeated amateur boxer (1-0, baby), a successful entrepreneur (having sold a startup that launched on fight night), and a married father (to a woman I met during training).

A few weeks ago, the Forbes Snapchat team and I dropped in on my gym, Mendez Boxing (dondes hacen los campeones!), to catch up with a couple of this year’s fighters – Sumeet Shah, a 30 yr old VC killer, and Laurence Kretchmer, a 51 yr old uber-restauranteur. I hadn’t met either of them before, but having taken the same transformative path made us brothers instantly.

Last Friday, we attended fight night which is always a very moving experience. This year, the fighters had raised a record $850,000 to help knockout cancer. It was also a night where 30 champions were born the moment they stepped into the ring.

We checked in on Laurence and Sumeet before the fight, and caught up afterwards. Laurence summarized his feelings well, “Haymakers woke me up and gave me renewed confidence with respect to my ability to make changes in my own life to achieve a personal goal, while affecting the lives of others.” Sumeet went on, “It doesn’t end here. I intend to work alongside the Haymakers team to ensure it continues to succeed in its mission with new and alumni fighters.”

Sign up for next year’s class, join the family and become a champion: Haymakers For Hope 2017