Classic horror movies have long inspired some of the best Halloween costumes. This mask is called ‘The Exorcist.’ The movie sequel ‘The Exorcist III’ launches on AMC’s Shudder this month.

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If you’re looking for some Halloween scares tonight, AMC’s all-horror Shudder streaming service has left beta and expanded into Canada.

The collection of movies from the network that brought you The Walking Dead TV series is pretty darned good, from some mainstream slashers down to some indie gems. Shudder has been in testing since last fall, and the buzz is generally good. Or bad, which is good, for a horror site.

You can check out a free trial, or watch Shudder.TV, which is a continuous stream of scary movies from the service — a sort of live/living dead sample of its wares. A subscription costs $5 a month, about the same as most other single-channel subscription sites from major networks.

Because of the site’s AMC affiliation, viewers have access to some nice exclusives. It won’t make it in time for All Hallow’s Eve, but on All Hallow’s Day (tomorrow, Nov. 1), you’ll have the chance to exclusively catch most of the remade Phantasm series, including the original, Phantasm III and Phantasm IV.

J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions and original Phantasm director/writer Don Coscarelli gave the series a 4K remaster and a new 5.1 surround soundtrack exclusively for the streaming service. The surreal antics of evil supernatural undertaker the Tall Man and his plot to turn the dead into shrunken zombies will be that much more fully immersive.

The service has more than 500 films and shorts altogether. Eleven of the 22 new films debuting in November are exclusive to the service.

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